Nora Turoman, PhD

My journey as an experimental psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist started in 2014 when I was a Research Assistant at the BLIP lab at Nanyang Technological Unversity in Singapore. This is when I first got interested in interactions between the sesnes and the links thereof with higher cognitive processes like attention, memory, and learning. I continued on the path of multisensory research in my MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford, with the Crossmodal Research lab, where I developed my first independent research project. Next, I moved onto a PhD in Neuroscience, at the University of Lausanne, with the GROWN group (within the LINE lab). Here, I combined behavioural measures with traditional and advanced EEG analyses to investigate the development of attentional control over visual and multisensory objects from early childhood to adulthood. Since graduating in 2020, I have been working at the Working Memory, Cognition and Development lab at the University of Geneva. My research here has primarily focused on clarifying the relationships between selectve attention and working memory in a multisensory framework, with the goal to better understand learning in real-world environments, and since 2022, I have obtained a Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship to pursue this work. I have also been working to clarify the nature and maintenance mechanisms of working memory representations in adults and children. Apart from research work, I teach classes on preprints and the development of attention to undergraduate students at the Univesrity of Geneva, and pursue various science outreach projects.

Multisensory processing

Selective attention

Working memory

School learning

Cognitive development

Advanced EEG analyses

Connecting science and real life

Science communication & education

Open Science

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Elodie Walter

Research Assistant 
Bachelors in Psychology
University of Geneva

Anae Motz

Research project student
Bachelors in Psychology
University of Geneva



Université de Genève
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Email: nora (.) turoman (at) unige (.) ch